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smart electric press drive in Miami 2016

Electric Living with smart

smart electric drive Program, Miami

Finding the Spark. Living Electric. The smart brand continuously demonstrates its capabilities to reconstruct the face of urban mobility. For the US launch of the new smart ED, OSK focused on contextualizing the relationship between the car and the surrounding. Multiple interactive experiences paired with informative exhibitions provided guests with inspiration and knowledge to live electric.

The client sought to introduce the new smart ED to the international press by designing a program that impressed through personal experience, entertainment and information. OSK was tasked with selecting a location in the US where an electric car like the smart ED would have a practical application and design a program that would combine the fun and hip factors of the smart brand with the environmental values at the core of an electric vehicle.

smart electric press drive in Miami Florida

Showcasing the future of urban mobility

OSK centered the press activation around Miami, as the city’s infrastructure supported electric vehicles with many public charging stations and environmentally thoughtful progresses over the past years. In addition Miami – as art capital for events such as Art Basel within the colorful Wynwood district – would serve as the perfect background for the smart brand.

Upon their arrival in Miami press were hosted at the smart branded exclusive Beach Club designed onsite the hotels’ private beach area. Guests dug their feet in the sand while enjoying beach side cuisine and cocktails. Activations throughout the night drew inspiration from the prominent art scene. Local graffiti artists showcasing their talents on a wrapped smart car and guests were invited to exhibit their creativity and take part in the spray-painting action. The next day guests hopped into the smart cars and drove through the hippest areas in Miami, stopping for photo-ops in front of iconic Wynwood art murals. The press drives converged for informational workshops staged within an operating art school in Wynwood.