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Mercedes-Benz E-Class Press Drive in Vancouver

"O Canada!"

OSK takes on Canada at the Mercedes-Benz USA E-Class Coupe Press Test Drive

Location, Location, Location. For a car that can fit in anywhere, finding the perfect location to let it shine is always the challenge. For the 7th Generation of the all-new E-Class Coupe, OSK utilized the natural wonders of British Columbia to derive an enticing press drive filled with picturesque backdrops and exquisite cuisine.

For the first international program for Mercedes-Benz USA, OSK seamlessly navigated the hurdles of an unfamiliar location to develop a program that represented the multi-faceted aspects of the typical E-Class driver – fit for the adventure-seeker to the urban domestic. The idea for the press drive was for guests to experience an amalgam of Vancouver offerings, from the innovation hub of downtown, to the majestic mountain surrounds, and the trending culinary offerings.

Mercedes-Benz E-Class Press Drive in Vancouver

From City to Sea to Sky

Guests began their program driving along the Sea to Sky highway, breaking for lunch along the beach and ending in the mountain oasis Whistler. Night one guests were invited to a private mountain lodge for a press briefing inside the naturally carved garage dubbed “the bat cave” followed by fireside chats and food catered by the renowned chef David Hawksworth.

The following day guests spent the day testing the E-Class Coupe’s handling on the mountain drives stopping for lunch at Fort Berens winery, nestled in the valley at the base of the Pacific Ranges. Guests continued their journey back to the heart of Vancouver where they ended their stay with dinner at Hawksworth’s restaurant Nightingale.