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Mercedes-Benz X-Class test drive experience in Santiago, Chile

Conquering New Territories with the Mercedes-Benz Pickup

Mercedes-Benz X-Class Test Drive Experience, Santiago Chile

This was an event of firsts. The first pick-up from Mercedes-Benz, the first test drive in South America, and the first buyout for Santiago’s newest top restaurant. For the month of October OSK created a multi-wave 72-hour program that gave international and domestic journalists a chance to experience the newest model in the Mercedes-Benz portfolio.

Mercedes-Benz wanted to create a well-rounded, exciting test drive experience that showcased the cross-functionality of the new X-Class. With South America as one of the main markets for the X-Class, OSK worked with Mercedes-Benz to locate a destination that provided access to four desired driving environments: urban driving, dynamic roads, rural gravel roads, and off-road.

Mercedes-Benz X-Class test drive experience in Santiago, Chile

With the event location 5,000 miles away from OSK’s New York home base, OSK needed to find the right partners to ensure a seamless concept while facing language barriers and varying production expectations between the local labor and the client standards. After multiple extensive site visits combined with on the ground support, the resulting program encompassed all expectations.

Staging the test drives around Santiago, at the foot of the Andes Mountains, provided the perfect mix of urban and natural backdrops to showcase the X-Class. OSK curated a mix of drive routes throughout Santiago and the surrounding wine country, even building a private off-road course for guests to experience. Combined with top quality Chilean cuisine and iconic backdrops OSK delivered a high class and culturally relevant event for international and local guests.