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SLS AMG Communication at Jay Leno’s Big Dog Garage

Jay Leno's Big Dog Garage

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Showcase

The AMG SLS is a car enthusiasts dream. Inspired by the original Gullwing the new SLS is a modern day hot-rod muse- mirroring the classic shape with enhanced power of the AMG engine. To showcase this new hot-rod there seemed to be only one person in LA, with an appreciation of the old and the new that could help unveil the latest model.

In association with the Los Angeles Auto Show, Mercedes-Benz wanted an impactful showcase the new exclusive SLS AMG. A true hot-rod, the SLS AMG was designed for those thrill seekers and hot-rod enthusiasts, so it seemed fitting to find a location that embraced the appreciation and beauty of the hot-rod.

OSK coordinated to host the event in Jay Leno’s personal garage- hot-rod enthusiast himself. This was the first time Jay Leno had ever opened his garage to the media, and he not only opened his doors, but also talked to the media guests about his extensive collection of classic to super cars.

To thank Jay Leno for opening up his garage for the first time, Mercedes-Benz presented Leno an SLS AMG engine to put into his old Mercedes hot rod- a 1969 6.3- successfully combining the new technology with the old hot rod lifestyle.