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Deep dive with Kimi Werner

Creating fascinating content with a cinematic profile of a fascinating woman

Kimi Werner is a Hawaiian freediver and spearfisher. Her path through life has been dominated by competitive pressure and the expectations of others, by the quest for her own happiness and the journey to her true self. OSK developed the idea to create a cinematic profile of this fascinating woman and went on to handle the film’s production and distribution, which was shared on the She’s Mercedes channels.

She’s Mercedes regularly profiles women in-depth and authentically in the form of text, photos and video. The content is distributed via a website, a print magazine and a range of social media channels. A very special film has now been created in a cooperation between OSK – and Hawaiian spearfisher Kimi Werner.

One Woman and Her Love of the Ocean

Kimi Werner is one of the world’s best spearfishers. She dives without breathing equipment to depths of up to 50 meters and can hold her breath for almost five minutes. The Hawaiian has dived in all five of the world’s oceans and has won a host of international competitions.

OSK tells Kimi Werner’s story in a short film screened on the She’s Mercedes and Mercedes-Benz digital channels. And beyond that, the film successfully made the transition into the offline world, having been screened at film festivals in five countries.