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Mercedes-Benz SL Press Drive in San Diego

Innovative Briefing Gives Press Drive a Unique Flavor

Mercedes-Benz SL on the California coast

A mix of luxury and power not only defined the Mercedes-Benz SL, but also influenced the concept for the latest press drive. OSK delivered a dynamic driving experience to fit for an icon with a unique surprise.

The new SL is the classically iconic model Mercedes-Benz portfolio, as it embodies luxury and power into a single car. The challenge for OSK was to match the character of the new Mercedes-Benz SL to a program that represents the lifestyle of a typical SL owner.

OSK embraced the duality of the SL’s personality by creating a drive event for the journalists to experience the car with a route from Orange County to San Diego. Along the way journalists had the opportunity to test the car’s dynamic features on different elevations and road conditions; from leisure coastal cruising to the winding roads through the California hills.

Mercedes-Benz SL Press Drive in San Diego

Now Showing: The New SL by Mercedes-Benz

To further showcase the SL, OSK determined that the standard press briefing would not suffice. Thus OSK transformed an underground parking garage into a drive-in movie theatre where the journalists could watch the press briefing from the seat of their own test cars. Footage of the upcoming drive was intertwined into the video to give the journalist a taste for what lay ahead on their drive.