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4MATIC Press Drive Jackson Hole Wyoming

An Extreme Car for Extreme Weather

Mercedes-Benz 4MATIC Showcase

To showcase the full capabilities of the new Mercedes-Benz 4MATIC, OSK selected a location synonymous with luxury & adventure, Jackson Hole. Beautifully situated at the foot of the Grand Tetons, Jackson Hole offered the perfect backdrop for the convergence of fire & ice.

OSK  demonstrated the agency’s capabilities by designing the event from top to bottom. Using the extreme weather in Jackson Hole as an advantage, OSK created an ice track for Mercedes-Benz to showcase the all-wheel drive potential across their full line of vehicles. OSK balanced the frigid excitement of the ice track with small and comfortable warming houses complete with light fare.

4MATIC Press Drive Jackson Hole Wyoming

The concept of fire & ice extended beyond the track to the evening featuring an ice bar with a luge, ice shot glasses, and custom cocktails boasting names such as Flaming Mercedes and Cowboy Cooler.