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Bar Convent Brooklyn

Step Inside Club Bébo

Presenting Royal Dutch Distiller’s newest Coffee Liquor at Bar Convent Brooklyn

Unconfirmed reports indicate that the most notorious night club made its debut in Brooklyn. Under the guise of a coffee shop the owners of Club Bébo are serving up Cuban coffee- with a little extra. The liveliest prohibition bar is reported to have set up at the second annual Bar Convent Brooklyn, showcasing illicit espresso martinis to willing guests. For those that seek the excitement make sure to order your coffee “Mucho Gusto.”

For the second annual Bar Convent Brooklyn, OSK returned with Royal Dutch Distillers to highlight the newest liquor in the roster, Bébo. Inspired by the brand’s marketing campaign, OSK brought to life the fictitious illicit prohibition bar as a platform to present the brand’s signature “Café Mucho Gusto” cocktail.  

The 20’x10′ booth fronted as a Cuban coffee shop, but through the passageway guests entered with world of Club Bébo. With a Café Mucho Gusto in hand, guests took in Club Bébo’s 1920’s prohibition bar inspired design, with Art Deco decor and highlighted product displays. As part of the secret club, guests were invited to commemorate their visit with a black and white Polaroid portrait, scratching out their eyes with a black bar to conceal their identity.